Tuesday 8 September 2015

First Day At School Fail

I bought bear's school trousers a long time ago.  There are some I bought this time last year but were too big.  I got bear to try them on and he tried them on over his bedtime onesie.  They fit over his onesie but without it they are massive.  They may not be fit for Christmas.

The other ones should have been safe.  They were from Tesco, I bought them ages ago and never got them out of the pack.  They fit fine.  There is a problem.  Bear's school trousers are supposed to be grey.  The label on the trousers say grey.  They look black.  I've had to dive into Matalan to pick up some grey ones.  I may have to take to ebay to sell the trousers.  Here are last year's trousers (which bear wore to school today) on top of the 'grey' trousers from Tesco.

The ones at the bottom, the very dark ones, are supposed to be grey.

It's grey weather as well.  It's not raining but it is misty and I would feel an idiot watering the flowers.  I saw a robin on the way home and it made me feel that it really was Autumn.

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