Wednesday 16 September 2015

Size Matters

Bear's maths folder (provided by the school) won't fit in his book bag.  The school sell the book bags.  I have spoken to my friend eBay and the standard book bag is 37 centimetres long - or roughly half a centimetre too short for the dratted maths folder.

The maths folder is a lot longer than the paper it contains.  All the sheets of paper in it are A4 (@ 30 centimetres long).  It would probably be inappropriate for me to start grumbling about the free folder that bear has been given.

I spent several pounds on bear's book bag.  It is red, his favourite colour, and has his first name on.  It is not fancy and it isn't a 'brand' so it should, in theory, have been able to last all through primary school.  However I spent most of today failing to find his maths homework today and the easiest way to make sure it has a good chance of going in when it should is getting a bag that fits the folder.  Besides, the folder is awkward and fiddly to carry, and I suspect it leaks in the rain.  I suppose I could just use a carrier bag.  Of course, bear would probably then be the only child using a carrier bag.

Grumble, grumble grumble.  Why couldn't they just use a slightly smaller envelope folder?  There are some very pleasant ones on eBay for a very reasonable price.

I'm going to see what he's got already in the base of his wardrobe before I commit to anything more.

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