Thursday 10 September 2015

Slow Leak

I have a slow leak in my washing up bowl.  I have a habit of throwing the stuff into the bowl, running hot water and soap in and then coming back in ten minutes when the water has done half the work.  I was getting baffled why I kept finding washing up in a dry bowl, but I carefully marked where the water reached this afternoon and ten minutes later it had sunk.  Fortunately the leak is slow enough so I can do washing up, just not in my usual style.  This will give me enough time to go round with a tape measure and find a bowl that fits my small sink.

I need to stay in tomorrow as it will take me all day to sort out the garden and I have two trays of pansies that need to go in.  Tesco don't deliver the right size, unfortunately.  I am, however, relying on them for more compost.

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