Monday 7 September 2015

Monday Moaning

I need to find bear's book bag for tomorrow.  I need to find his PE bag for tomorrow.  I have a few bits and pieces, but really not too much stress.  It is the last day of the summer holiday and I feel like it is not a second too long.  Today I will have several small boys hanging around which is fine.

I need to get a grip.  I really need to get a grip.  Last night I bought three pairs of 'what was I thinking' earrings as I was feeling so low and wandered over to eBay for a friendly chat.  That is £5.28 I won't see again in a hurry.  Everything needs to change.  Now I start visiting my uncle most days.  At least I can walk there.

It is all small stuff.  The big stuff is splashed all over the news.  Neil Gaiman shared a link to donate to refugees with UNHCR - here

I think that the £5.28 would have been better going there.

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