Friday 4 September 2015

Another Task Off the List

Bear has been to the dentist.  He had a clean bill of health but there is a chance he will need braces later.  btw apparently you shouldn't use mouthwash immediately after brushing but at a different time of day, at least twenty minutes after the toothbrush.  Bear paid careful attention.

I've also got school shoes for bear.  I am annoyed about that - with myself.  The ones he got at the end of June should have been fine but I didn't notice he wore them to play football in the rain.

I've got the family rail card ordered and I've got click and collect on the last of bear's uniform from Matalan.  Mind you, after he has had a hose down tonight (or a bath at least) I want to do a final check on the uniform that I picked up a few months ago.  It's been a crazy summer so I want to get a sense of where I am.  I am uneasily aware that bear seems to be gearing up to a growth spurt, so I will keep an eye on him.  I've also got the new candle (we go through them and DH really likes the Woodwick stuff) and picked up my SIL's birthday present.  Okay, the present for SIL is another candle, but they are awesome and I know she likes them.  

Bear has just polished off a massive lunch and is currently working through another head of celery (he insisted).

Now I am off to relax, consider the making of the snuggle blanket and watch the Victorian Flower Garden DVD again.

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