Tuesday 15 September 2015

Tried a New Recipe

I tried a recipe from Eliza Acton yesterday.  I really recommend her if you are interested in old recipes.  You blended one and one quarter pound of cooked potato with five ounces of sugar, three ounces of butter, five eggs and a teaspoon of mixed spice.  Then baked it in a buttered dish at gas 6 (she said moderate oven, but I translated to my completely knackered oven temperature) for forty five minutes.  DH and bear loved it.  I quite enjoyed it myself, it was very pudding-like, all squishy and soft and completely and naturally gluten free.  I could probably manage with four eggs, as eggs in the early nineteenth century were smaller than they are now, though the recipe did suggest five or six!

I was glad of the extra protein in the meal as we had apple and cashew nut soup for the main course.  You simmer a tsp of marmite type stuff, 100g of cashew nuts, 100g of halved button mushrooms, a finely chopped onion and a tsp of mixed herbs in apple juice.  Bear found it too sharp, but it is an old favourite of DH and I.

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