Thursday, 8 January 2015

Bear and Stories

As you would expect, bear has a real sense of story and can get lost in them, he reads stories, he makes up stories and he has a lot of fun creating stories with DH.  He also uses stories.

I wish you could have seen his pitiful face as he looked up at me.  He had just seen a YouTube video of the worlds creepiest things that really exist.  He was convinced that just looking at the image of a cursed picture would mean that someone or something would come and get him.  After all, it works with Weeping Angels in Doctor Who (thank you, Mr Moffat!).  I asked him how many people had seen the video.  He checked and it was over a million.  I said very pragmatically that if everyone who had seen it had been affected it would have been in the papers.  Bear was unconvinced.  He said that people seeing the picture were light headed and nauseous and he felt light headed and nauseous and he needed a lot of stories to make him feel better.  I looked into his pleading, innocent eyes and it was like an extortion racket run by Tiny Tim.  This was the leverage to get more stories.

By stories bear means stories about cats, which to be frank I am running out of, and stories of olden days (pre-1994).  I am regularly racking my brains.  So for bedtime, as DH was out, bear had a Brer Rabbit story, an account of malevolent cat trying to catch meerkats by fishing into the old tv while a wildlife documentary was on and an account of my brother sneaking off and trying to climb the Great Orme when he was about four (father caught up with him).

I hope you like the picture of the Great Orme, father got to my brother before he got to the nasty scree part.  It's just next to Llandudno and they had neolithic copper mines there.

Bear really likes these stories, but I am running out of ideas.  There is always a punctual call from upstairs, between 8.50pm and 9.10pm, where bear claims that, 'Muuuummmmm, I can't sleep without a story.'  You could set your watch by it, it is so often on the dot of 9pm and it is certainly more punctual than the local buses.

I should add that DH has a good half hour or more with bear making up stories with him as they battle monsters or explore dungeons, mazes, space ships or jungles (depending on what bear has been watching or reading).  Then there is story time at school, the games they play in the playground and bear's own quiet time as he plays with his toy soldiers/cars/figures or reads.  I have a story addict.

It could be a lot worse.

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