Friday, 9 January 2015

One week into the Year

I'm not doing brilliantly with the Resolutions.  Don't get me wrong, it could be a lot worse.  I have been checking the bank and diary daily, and the shop is more or less under control.  I did order something from Amazon one day after the deadline as bear had been awesome and I ordered him a complicated dot-to-dot with lots of numbers.

I think the thing is to keep on going.  The Resolutions are really an ongoing list so I am just going bit by bit.  I was working out the big reorganisation I need to do of bookcases and had the uncomfortable realisation that before I do this I need to do that and before I do that I need to sort this and to make room to sort it I need to move this and shift that and finish the thingy in the corner.  I also cleared out part of a cupboard and got rid of a load of stuff that only I liked and that is full of gluten.   I know it is going to the foodbank, but it is still incredibly depressing.  I miss some stuff.  I could live off ReadyBrek, but it is full of gluten and I am still recovering from the diet cola.

Currently the biggest challenge is still the five a day.  I have managed to have some dried fruit for breakfast.  I managed some orange juice and an apple.  However the veggies for dinner was a challenge.  I did carrots with dinner and looked up the amount that made up one portion.  It is three heaped tablespoons per adult.  I always thought I was generous with veggies but the carrots on our plates were about half that amount.  It was eaten with tortilla, which bear utterly rejected, so there was a bit of veggie in there.  It is turning out to be a challenge, especially if I want to stay away from sugar filled fruit.  Mind you, I think a bigger challenge is staying away from sugar filled chocolate.

Still, I can look at yesterday and be fairly pleased.  I sorted out the gas and electric bills, the phone bill and chased up the pumps that bear needed.  I got washing done, I got bits of housework done, I set up a pile for next Tuesday to take to the foodbank, and I even planned tea and cooked what I planned which is a bit of a miracle in this house!

Now I am going to find a pretty picture from Wiki Commons to cheer up the blog and try and happen somewhere.

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