Monday, 5 January 2015

You are Kidding!

I couldn't believe my eyes.  When I went into Tesco during a very try day they had Easter Eggs on the shelves.  It isn't even Twelfth Night - our decorations are still up!  How can they put Easter Eggs out with a straight face.  I can just imagine the staff putting it out and grumbling, knowing full well that the customers will be complaining at the till.

It isn't quite Plough Monday.  It isn't quite past Twelfth Night but I feel that we're off again into the working world.  I had planned to start some more of my New Year's Resolutions but instead I got called to a meeting with father's consultant.  He will be back at the nursing home today or tomorrow where they can spend some time feeding him up, teaspoon by teaspoon.  He is still frail and I am still quite worried.

The position with father is this: his stroke in the summer badly affected his ability to swallow.  This puts him at high risk when it comes to getting food and liquid in his lungs.  Father has taken advice and decided he wants to keep eating the pureed/thickened stuff.  I worry.  Tomorrow I will be taking his stuff up to the home and then I hope to start getting things started properly.

In the meantime I want to try and fit in fussing bear and DH - both in need of it, although I want to say DH has been a real hero being battered by bear playing 'Jackie Chan' while still suffering from whiplash.  Then I need to review where my resolutions are and get going with them.

I am optimistic.

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  1. You have a lot of stress at the moment, take care of yourself as well as others.