Saturday, 17 January 2015


I don't like the colour pink.  Actually, I don't mind it so much, but I just don't like it on me.  It is an okay colour, I suppose, but it always seems so feminine and girly, and I have never been girly.  I've always liked blue.  I enjoy pink at a distance - someone else looks great in it.

Incidentally, for those interested, until about a century ago it was pink for a boy (the pastel version of red, the colour of Mars and War) and blue for a girl (as in the traditional colour of the clothes of the Madonna, Mother of Christ). There's something about it in Wiki here.  I am probably just old fashioned.  Here is a picture of the Virgin Mary, from Wiki Commons and in the public domain.  The cloak is an unearthly shade of blue.

However I have grudgingly bought myself a pair of pink gloves.  I had a lovely warm pair of black woollen gloves.  Bear took them for school and they faded into the ether.  I had a rather nice pair of grey gloves.  They faded into the ether and the school run as well, as bear proudly displayed 'his new gloves'.  I think I am pretty safe with a pink pair.  While I am not betting anything on bear, he is less likely to waltz off with a pink pair.  And if all else fails, I'll grit my teeth and get flowery ones.

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