Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bear is being good

Actually, bear is being a bit under the weather.  He is green nosed and a bit gruesome.  However he has just watched Jackie Chan's Police Story and is thoroughly enthused with the whole concept.  Bless him, he got very fed up with the whole concept of a plot and wanted to get on to the stunts.  So all the flirty stuff (which, with Jackie Chan, isn't very flirty) bear was just irritated and wanted to get to the bit where they smashed all the windows by throwing people through them.  I am not one hundred percent sure, as I worry a bit about violence, but as bear has watched lots of YouTube videos about how they set up the stunts, and we are clear that it isn't physically possible to do that in real life so hopefully it isn't too bad.  Bear has been practising his own stunts with poor DH who is getting battered on a nightly basis.

He is now playing 'Tasty Planet' on my phone.  I am not sure about that either.  It is a game where a microbe tries to eat everything.  Bear was happily playing away to the sounds of people crying out in theatrical horror while in the background the best of cheesy 1970s lift music bounced along.  I may ban it just for the background music.

Yesterday next door's cat tried to get in to the house.  I let it.  I miss the cat stories.  However I am enjoying the freedom to actually type without feline terrorism.

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