Thursday, 29 January 2015

Deceptive Weather

I looked out the window this morning and it looked a little damp and very cold.  I grumbled and got bear and I out of the house.  There is still the grit lying around in the garden from the last lot of snow so it was only a few yards out that I realised just how deceptive the road was.  There had been snow last night, but just a little, which had frozen to a lovely thin, wet glass sheen.  This had been overlain by a further very slight dusting of snow and also slightly melted - not enough to disappear, just enough to make it interesting.  I skidded as I walked.  Poor bear fell, and was not happy at all!  It took me five minutes to cross the Matalan slip road and get down on to the path outside the school.  It was extremely treacherous, not least because it just looked a bit damp.

Now further snow is happening and I am unimpressed.

Fortunately I do have the sort of thing that Wean mentioned, they straps on to my trainers and have spikes to help me grip.  Though if the snow keeps on at the same rate I think snow shoes will be a better bet.

Yesterday I got pounded by the weather as well, and I had to attend a meeting about father.  The basic problem is that he is not getting the calories in.  Another problem is that you cannot tell father what to do or not do.  He will smile, nod and be completely charming - and do exactly what he wants anyway.  I don't think the consultants realised just how tough-minded he is.  I left him with some Baileys, and fingers crossed that will pick him up.

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