Saturday, 10 January 2015

Bear leaves no stone unturned

Bear is in heaven.  At school they are doing rocks, soils and volcanoes.  Bear has been picking up odd bits of stone for years - since he was in nursery, toddling back in his reins and picking up stones to put in his pocket.  I currently have a bucket full of stones in my porch dug up from the street.  In reality they are variations on bits of broken brick and concrete, but bear is convinced there is at least one piece of moon rock in there.

The problem I have is that, while bear is very keen on rocks and pebbles and general stone stuff, to quote Sir Terry Pratchett, we're on loam here.  It is all deep soil with plenty of farm land.  As bear violently opposes travelling, the places nearby where there would be a chance of rock collecting are out of the question.  I've been racking my brains for somewhere within easy distance.  I am sure I can find somewhere with a bit of a google, and until then I can see what else I can suggest.  Meanwhile there is always YouTube.

I am feeling very blessed.  The weather is dreadful but we haven't been badly affected.  We have power and the roof is in one piece.  There are places in the USA that are colder than Mars!  I have been reading threads about foodbanks, and I am grateful for food and the money to pay for power to cook on it.  If all I need to worry about is finding a place for bear to pick up stones, I am blessed indeed.

Now I am off to Wiki Commons to find a nice 'rock' picture.

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