Friday, 23 January 2015

Seven Second Hand Duvet covers

Seven second hand single duvet covers, together with pillowcases and single sheets have just arrived.  I have sinned and my sin has found me out. I can't believe I bought it.  I must have been temporarily unsafe for ebay.

On the other hand, for under £30 I have seven lots of patterned beige and black fabric, plus the plain fabric from the sheets and pillow cases.  It is a perfect weight for the quilt I want to do as well, nice and robust and in the right colours.

I am still not sure that ebay is my friend.

Okay, just done some measuring.  Each duvet cover is 54 inches wide and 78 inches long, two layers of material.  I've used my calculator, checked the sums and I am a bit staggered that it makes it around 30 yards of material, or just over 27 metres.  The single sheets are fitted sheets and I suspect that there is a little more fabric than a single layer of the duvet cover, but if we allow the same area for the sheets that's another 15 yards, plus the pillow cases.

Ebay is still not my friend until I get the stuff made up.

Here is a picture to warn me where I may be headed - lots and lots of fabric and I haven't threaded up the machine yet.  The picture is, as ever, from Wiki Commons, taken by Tony Hisgett and used under the Creative Commons agreement.

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  1. What a Great idea! I was looking for a floral print in blue and white to no avail in market. But now i got sanderson duvet covers at Browns of weston.