Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Bit of a Fail Day

I dived out to get father's shaving stuff to the home first thing.  I was supposed to be taking the shaving tackle in yesterday but forgot it, perhaps it is just as well.  I was only in a few minutes as father looked tired, but much better for being there.  I've got a list for some toiletries for him, and I've started the notebook that I need to keep for money in/out.

Since I've got home, well, I've sort of drifted.  I've got this bit here done, and that bit there, but I feel that there is so much to do and nothing in the engine to do it.  Annoyingly I've had some Tesco diet coke, and that has gluten in, so I have been hammered by that.  Such a little thing that really doesn't work for me.

So I am making a plan.  I admit that there is a track record of making a plan instead of actually doing anything, but I am optimistic.  Tomorrow I am tidying the living room and study because bear has a friend coming to play.  I can take the opportunity to have a really good go.  Thursday I call in on father then start on the cupboards.  I need to know what I have to shop sensibly, and there is a superb offer on the Heinz soup at 50p per tin.  I am avoiding frozen stuff as I am trying to get the freezer empty.  I've said that before, but I really need to do this to give me a fighting chance of stocking up sensibly.

For the rest of the time today I am going to aim at getting some writing done.  That tends to give me some get up and go, and heaven knows I need it.  Now that things are settling down with the car and father is back at the nursing home it has rather hit me.  Poor DH is still suffering from the whiplash so we will snuggle down tonight and get some quiet time in.

I thought I'd add a random pretty picture as I'm feeling a bit homesick and this cheered me up.

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