Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I Don't Do a Good January

Meh.  I just seem as flat as last month's cola.  Bear spilled a full mug of milky drink over the carpet this morning.  He was doing his best dramatic effort to stay off school as it was.  The poor child was forced, yes, forced, to walk down a few steps to get his own second installment of breakfast.  He had to go up actual stairs to brush his teeth.  Apparently his head is dizzy and he is really tired and he can't walk as his legs hurt.  It was a real Golden Globe performance.  I am not letting him near drama school.  Fortunately they were having a lesson on rocks today so bear bravely struggled in.  I think he has a bit of a cold.

He nearly had a meltdown when the drink went everywhere and now I am looking at it and hoping that I got enough up.  I keep giving bear Milo, which is apparently a health drink and I keep looking at the list of vitamins and ignoring the sugar content.  It's this stuff, I got the picture off Amazon.

The link is here.  It has iron and B vitamins and stuff.  This doesn't help the carpet which is already on it's last threads.  It wasn't new when we moved in in 1994, and is now a veteran of three cats in varying stages of bowel control and potty training.  It needs to be replaced.  I can't afford it.

Today has been a bit limp as well so far.  I seem to just crawl through January.  Finding the energy to do something a bit positive is completely beyond me, and my experience of January in the past says that this is the forecast for at least another fortnight.

Having said that, Witch Hazel has kindly pointed me in the direction of Lakeland and Doctor Who.  I am now a lot happier bunny!

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