Monday, 12 January 2015

I've Made a Gap

I took father's golf clubs down to the church to be dealt with further.  Father was happy with this, in fact he suggested it.  This has made things a lot easier, I have a huge gap in the walk in cupboard now - father had two very full bags of golf clubs and staggering down to the church a few yards away nearly finished me.

I am mentally rearranging things, too flat with January blues to do more than a mental re-organisation, but it is looking more and more possible to get another freezer in there, which would make my life a lot easier.  Though that is a looong way off and need some serious savings.

Step Two in the plan is moving things around.  That can wait.

I browsed for a picture of golf clubs and found this picture from Wiki Commons which is in the public domain because it is taken by NASA.  How awesome is that?

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