Friday, 2 January 2015

Positive Thinking

We have a new car!  It's five years old and almost identical to the old one (but younger).  I hope that this will last us for ten years or so.  It has been okay, we have a settlement figure, we have a good position and now we can make a start.  There are some niggles left, but DH is well on top of them.

Father is still weak.  The doctor described him as 'frail and fragile', but he is a lot, lot better.  However he may now finally get his food sorted out.  Bluntly, father isn't getting enough calories as not enough is staying down, despite .  He was doing well but when he is tired he can't be bothered, and I suspect that food coughed up has ended up in his lungs, causing the pneumonia.  Now I have stamped my foot and said clearly that my father is likely to starve to death they are taking it seriously.  At the moment he is too weak to have most of the investigations.  However now he has a chance of getting them.

I have checked my calendar and online banking.  I am feeling positive.  I've found a bright side.

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