Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Not enjoying the weather

I am unimpressed with the snow.  Fortunately I don't have to go out as it's a training day so bear is at school.  I will be going out to IKEA tonight, but that isn't quite as bad as slipping down an icy bank to get bear from school and skid down the same bank later to collect him.  I'll be doing that tomorrow, of course, but that's tomorrow.

Bear has a friend coming around, an asthmatic friend.  I have been frantically scraping up dust from all around the house with baby wipes so hopefully he will be fine.  I am looking forward to it - I will be able to relax a little as bear and his friend happen to nerf guns, drawing, figures and a balloon helicopter.  They won't be able to have the treats I had planned as the Tesco Delivery was cancelled.  They said it was due to a breakdown but with all the snow I suspect the weather contributed.  Tesco were very nice about it, though, so I am not complaining.

Actually lots of good stuff happened today.  Father's talking watch that was ordered last year (sixteen days ago) was finally delivered.  It to a few attempts as the driver couldn't find the address.  I did feel like referring them to all the other delivery companies that manage, but it got here, and that's the main thing.  The lovely Nice Mr Next Door gritted our pavement, I found a load of rubbish I could throw away and the sun has come out.

It could all be a lot worse.

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