Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I'm Going to do the Lottery

It isn't really bad luck.  I hadn't got back to DH about the dates for the holiday in Whitby that I had booked for May, so when he went to book it the dates had already gone.  So we won't be going away in May half term as we had hoped.  It's bad planning on my part but it does feel a bit like another swipe.

Now I can see this as a really good thing.  DH can get the week before off so he gets some down time, we don't have the rest of the holiday to pay for and we may even get our deposit back if the holiday can be relet, and besides we can really do without spending the money that we would.  Bear usually just hangs out and we have to drag him out of the holiday cottage apart from the local softplay and the museum adventure playground.

Another up side is that father has been talking about coming with us.  That is completely impossible.  However once he realises it, there may be a problem.  I worry about him getting depressed and giving up.  So not having a deadline in May is a good thing, it gives him longer to adjust.  We have planned to go to Cardiff anyway in October so that is something he can keep in his sights.  It is equally unrealistic, but October is a lot longer away than May.

The down side is that bear is likely to be devastated.  He has had so much going on lately.  He was worrying about father and the car accident and he definitely didn't enjoy the juggling around of things so that was involved in getting the visiting done.  He always goes to Whitby, well, as long as he can remember, and he always stays at the same place.  For nearly two years he has lived with so much upheaval and now something that was always so reliable isn't happening as well.

Time to stop borrowing trouble and get tidying for bear's friend coming round.  I'll tell him after they go home.  He may not be too bothered after all.  

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