Friday, 2 January 2015

Bear Fu

DH has kindly shown bear his first Jackie Chan clips on YouTube.  The furniture will never be safe again.

I've been working on the walk in cupboard.  I am donating the pans father brought.  I looked at them and thought things like, 'what a useful looking pan, what a good size.' and then I thought, I barely use all of my pan set anyway.  I may have a vision of an old fashioned range with pots bubbling gently but realistically if I am cooking I am just as likely to use the microwave to cook fresh veggies and rice and the slow cooker, halogen and remoska do far more than our hob.

I spent some time thinking.  I have decided to keep the cleaning stuff, diy stuff, freezer, material and sewing supplies and any bulk buying.  I am cutting down on the bulk buying, just a few bits now and again.  I am less likely to bulk buy the huge boxes of Ariel as the Aldi is so well recommended and I can just buy at a normal size.  I am getting a grip on the whole business of stockpiling loo rolls so there is less and less stashed.  As I have had and am having a a clear out of the cupboards there is more space to put the tins and pulses, and I am not planning on buying 72 tins of soup again any time soon (I've nearly used all those up and they are still in code).

I also got off a stop earlier after getting the bus into town and back and had an extra little walk.  I am feeling quite good about that.  I have been asked to go into the hospital to speak to the consultant about father on Monday.

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  1. Laughing at bear and Jackie Chan images that have sprung to mind. Saddened to read of Dear Father's increasing fragility but glad that you have made them listen. Good for you. Long experience of hospitals has shown me that patients need an advocate sometimes when they themselves are not strong enough to say what's what. Well done for finding some positives - long may it continue xxx