Tuesday, 13 January 2015

No Jury Would Convict Me

I have lots of different alarms on my phone.  One of them goes off at 8:49 am and is the signal for us to leave the house.  In reality it is when I start asking questions like, 'Well, where did you last wear your shoes last night?' and 'It is not my job to know where your book bag is.  When did you last have  it?'

However it was at 8:44 that bear piped up, 'Muuuuum, I've lost my t-shirt and shorts out of my gym bag and it's PE today.  I tipped it all out last time, I don't know how they have got missing.'  Five minutes before we were supposed to leave the house and bear wanted a miracle.  I hurriedly dragged out an elderly version of the t-shirt and shorts and kept everything crossed as I stuffed them in a carrier bag.  Given how much I had recently thrown away it was a wonder they were still around and it's only because bear is incredibly skinny that they still more or less fit him.

My morning got rearranged as I called in to town on the way to visit father instead of going direct.  No-one is currently selling school PE kit t-shirt and shorts.  It is the sort of thing they have in for September.  They have just been stuffed with Christmas merchandise so there are bound to be gaps in the normal range - and how many people buy gym stuff in January?  I could have cried.  I have reluctantly gone on ebay and Amazon - and it was hard going finding stuff on there!

I was grumpy with bear this morning, not shouty but being clear that this was not a Good Thing.  I am hoping that in a few years' time he will realise that this sort of behaviour will backfire because I will not be able to wave a magic wand.  I am not holding out much hope.

Father was very weak today.

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