Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Screaming Swede

I found this on facebook, and I had to have a go.

First of all you get a swede, the vegetable type.  I think they are called rutabaga in North America, and I suspect they are called cattle fodder in a lot of places.  They look like this

First you give it a quick wipe over but you do not peel it or prick it or trim it in any way.  Then you bung it in the microwave on a little plate and cook it for ten minutes.  It oozes a little and 'sings' or 'screams' as the steam gets going inside the vegetable.  After ten minutes you turn it over and then give it another five to ten minutes.  The wonderful people on facebook recommended that you rest it on kitchen roll, and there was a certain amount of bubbled up and caramelised ooze on the plate at the end, but I'm wary of putting kitchen roll in the microwave ever since I set fire to some trying to dry some flowers.

The swede is very hot when you pull it out and I used clean rubber gloves to protect my hands as I trimmed the top and bottom and cut off the skin.  I then mashed it with a teaspoon of butter, though I could have used less.  It was incredibly tender and tasted gorgeous.

I tried this because bear likes swede mashed with carrots and I was delighted at the thought of a vegetable that bear ate that didn't need a pan.  Unfortunately bear decided that the swede was inadequate without carrot.  DH and I wolfed ours down.  I wonder if you can cook carrot the same way?

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  1. I may try this, swedes do take a lot of cooking in the conventional way. I'm surprised it doesn't have to be pricked with a fork though, if you did this with a potato - it would burst.