Monday, 19 January 2015

Fail Day

It could be worse.  I managed to resist bidding on a job lot of 106 towels that was started at something like 99p.  If you don't believe me, link here.  By the time you click it may have gone up, but it started at 99p.  Even with the £19 postage it is still a good deal, if you have a purpose for 106 hand towels and have somewhere to put them.

Today has been a bit of an epic fail, though, so I am slinking off to come back tomorrow in a better frame of mind.  Hugs to all.  Here's a picture from Wiki Commons taken by Adrian Michael, the file here.  It made me smile and imagine sliding down a mountain on a rainbow, and I hope anyone reading can also find a smile in it.

1 comment:

  1. Syb, I hesitated posting this as your topic title today is ""Fail Day" and I didn't want to add...... but.... well... Lakeland has a lot of Dr Who bits in their sale. I think they are stopping selling them, so the prices are (relatively speaking) very low,