Sunday, 4 January 2015


I've been throwing things out.  I've thrown lots and lots and lots of things out.  The house is better for it, though I feel I have barely made a dent sometimes, it is definitely better.  The more I throw out, the sooner the house will be in a fit state.

Except of course when I throw out bear's pumps that he will need tomorrow for games at school.

I had had some of his old pumps in the pile and got rid previously but I think I threw the current lot out while I was trying to be efficient over Christmas.  I have to get some more!

Matalan didn't have any, neither did Asda or M&S when we called in on the way back from visiting father.  I am going to send all his other kit in, keep everything crossed that they don't need their pumps tomorrow and see what I can find.

Of course there is the matter of size.  Bear has been a junior size 13 for a while.  I have no idea how much longer his feet will stay there though so I am going for the size 1 and hope that they won't be too big.  With pumps I think bigger is better.

I have just had a quick look on Matalan click and collect and there are none there.  It is the wrong time of year for it.  Under the circumstances I think I will have a look at my friend ebay and hope that there is someone who will do express delivery.

This is not stopping me throwing things out!

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