Thursday, 22 January 2015

Tailor's Chalk

I have been outwitted by haberdashery.

I've started a rag rug.  I'll post some pictures later, but currently I'm on the 'cutting fabric into small strips' stage.  Now, it is a rag rug and part of the charm is the lack of uniformity, the slightly homespun air and the not-quite-perfect feel of it.  However it helps if I am cutting the material into roughly the right sort of size and I am using tailor's chalk to mark the measurements.

All I can say is thank goodness it doesn't have to be perfect.  Over the random years I have managed to accumulate two pencil style tailor's chalk and one sort of triangle thingy.  Bear was very disappointed to find out that the triangle thingy was something manufactured rather than something dug out of the ground, triangular and ready to go.

Well, it may be all manufactured, but it doesn't leave much of a mark.  I have been using far more than my quota of bad language as the edge of the thing seems to wear off, it sort of stops being a marker and starts being a rubbish paperweight.  I haven't found yet how to stop this.  One minute I'll be happily making a mark more or less around the right length, the next I will be scrubbing at the material hard and nothing happens.  I don't feel very handy when I can't even get tailor's chalk to work - and heaven help me if I have to draft something in it.  I am seriously considering biro.

Still while I'm messing about with strips of fabric and ineffective tailor's chalk I can't go on Approved Food.  Because on Approved Food there are 5kg of ground coriander for £1.49.  It's a bit out of date, but would be wonderful for making little fragrant bags to put in drawers.  I even have some thin sheeting that would work really well.  I can see the expression that DH would have far too vividly to go there.  I'll stick with the chalk.

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