Friday, 9 January 2015

More from father

I opened up the cupboard where we keep batteries.  It ought to be a really convenient and helpful cupboard but because of the way the room is we have to have furniture right against it so I only climb over the sofa to get in very occasionally.

Apart from the batteries there were some candles, a very suspect bottle of sloe liqueur and a bottle of Devon cider father brought home three years ago.  There was no sell by date on the cider but it went down the drain.  The drain has seen some action this morning.  I had a quick foray into the walk in cupboard and there was some sad reminders of how enthusiastic I get and how I forget stuff.  The stardrops with ammonia's bottle had gone all squishy and I just got rid of the carpet cleaner as I think the carpet is beyond even professional help.  In fact all sorts went down the drain and I kept the water running just in case there was a chemical reaction.

My heart sank at some of the other stuff in the battery cupboard, particularly the bottles of red wine.  There must be about a dozen.  I don't like the stuff and neither does DH.  We don't really cook with it.  Father can't drink it any more (and has probably forgotten it) so I am staring at all this stuff and wondering how quickly I can get it out of my home to make room for just room, or at least stuff that I like.  I'm going to pass them over to my brother tomorrow.  That's if I can get to all the dratted things and if they're still fit to drink - wine doesn't keep indefinitely, at least not the cheap stuff we get in.  Once it has gone then there will be a space and I am not in a hurry to fill it.

Mind you, I'm wondering if the sloe liqueur counts as one of my five a day.

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