Saturday, 3 January 2015


We have a new to us car, the same make and type but newer with less miles.  DH spent half today driving around getting used to the car.  We got lost visiting father and the park we hoped to visit was shut.  It was still fun although DH is still a bit shaky after the accident.  It is going to be a test when he gets back to work.  I feel a bit sad, the new car is lovely but we had so much life left in the old car, and so many happy memories in it.  I hope we shall be able to keep this car a lot longer.

Bear went out with his doting auntie and came back with a nerf gun that if stood on end reaches up to his chin.  He has repeatedly demonstrated this nerf gun and there are ricochet marks everywhere.  So far he hasn't dented the ceiling but it is only a matter of time.  He has taken DH upstairs to play his version of Jackie Chan which, as far as I can see, means lots of bouncing off things and waving hands very fast.  Sigh.

Then bear was able to meet up with his doting uncle and found that he has had a donkey adopted for him, and he was very pleased with that.  I think he was a bit disappointed to find that while he can visit, we can't brink a donkey home.  I was clear about my views on what a donkey in his bedroom would do to the carpet.

Tonight is a large drink (thank you, brother) followed by an early night.

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  1. We spent Christmas with one of my daughters, I was highly amused to discover that DD had bought her husband a HUGE nerf gun for Christmas.