Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Cold and Wet

It is cold, wet and we don't even have the fun of a thunderstorm. Mind you, I don't look forward to any heat wave.

Bear managed to get his homework in. This is what he used for the cover.

It was coloured somewhat hastily, but it's still awesome in my opinion. And he permitted me to share my favourite of his poems.

I like the candles
The bright flames burn my whiskers
Pretty thing is hot.

Which covers the story of evil cat sniffing a candle - more than once!

I had a driving lesson today. It was supposed to be on the motorway but I couldn't face it, so my awesome driving instructor took me on 60mph roads in an area I had never driven through. I was suitably grateful. I may have some more lessons later on, but I'm stopping for now. According to him, I'm safe to drive, so it's just a matter of practice.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed, as I really need to get the house sorted, but I'm confident I'll get there.

Bear's poems about cats reminded me of mine, and I once again published 'My Lion' on my writing blog here, all about evil cat. You may have seen it before, but I wanted to revisit it. I miss having stories to tell about her. However being able to sit down without having a battle over seating arrangements is very welcome.

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