Monday, 3 June 2019

I Fail At Planning Again

I swear I am never putting anything on this blog that I am planning to do the next day or in the future because as soon as I do that, all my plans evaporate.

Today started okay. Bear had all his kit, was feeling more or less braced and we set off in good time without a crisis. Kate - bear is on the slim side, and there have been real issues with him actually not eating at all, not even chocolate, so while I keep a certain scepticism, I have to grit my teeth sometimes and dance around his preferences. But he went to school, and I called in at Tesco and then went for a walk in the park. I need to do more. I managed around 15 minutes today but plan on building it up to a much brisker half hour. It's only a tiny municipal park, but it has walks like this, so I should have fun.

The big problem I had today was - where and when do I collect bear. He wasn't sure whether it was rock climbing or not. I could either leave the house at 2.45 at the latest to pick him up at Heckmondwike for @ 3.30pm, when he usually reaches the car park, or I would be leaving at 4pm to go along the scary ring road to the climbing centre, getting there ridiculously early to get a parking space that I could not only get into but also get out of. The earliest bear could let me know was 3.15, so I was tentatively planning on turning up at Heckmondwike and then, if necessary, cutting through the back roads to the climbing wall. I may still go that way as the climbing wall is near the tip and so I could drop stuff off at the tip and then go along the back roads which look like a really nice run. Fortunately I had the sense to ring school and didn't end up traipsing around but went straight to the climbing depot. There weren't any charity shops nearby that had easy parking (I know!) so I have tentative plans to drop stuff off tomorrow, if I haven't just put a jinx on that. I have lots of things I need to do tomorrow. I'm not writing a single thing down.

Writing stuff - it's been an odd sort of few days, and I've been searching for my stuff on Google. This is not good for the mental health, but I was hoping to get encouraged. Instead I found that there were pirated copies of the Forgotten Village translated into Finnish and available free. Sigh. I also found a site where I believe such things are exchanged, and someone posted, 'I need a copy of Digging up the Past' and got a free copy almost straight away. I suppose I'm sort of flattered. Someone really wanted to read something I've written. It's a shame they didn't either pay £1.56 for it or get in touch and ask if I would donate a copy in return for an honest review. Authors live and die by reviews and I haven't got many. I'm planning on doing stuff that will hopefully change that but I'll post that when it's done!

I'm going to take this as an encouragement and see if I can't get moving with the writing. I've swathes of  ideas, but I just haven't got them down. I need to get moving, but I'm not risking posting what I plan to do next!

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