Wednesday, 19 June 2019

No Pic Available

I completely messed up the attempts at taking a pic of a lady blackbird having a bath in a puddle in the street. She was very indignant because I was trying to drive past and I was interrupting her 'me' time. Eventually she hopped out of the way but by the time I had parked she was back and splashing water everywhere. I tried again but what lady wants to have pics taken in the bath by a stranger, so she flew off.

I also failed to take a pic of dinner. I made Cod with lemon and olives, from the Tesco site, and it worked out quite well. I think I would cook the baby potatoes for a little longer, but I only got the cheap ones, and I think I will steam the cod and just finish it in the pan next time. I may even get the frozen white fish fillets, as the flavours were strong. I thought the olives had a tendency to make it a little oily, but then I often skimp on the oil in other recipes. Tomorrow I'm planning the vegan shepherd's pie, also from Tesco. I'm not vegan, or even vegetarian, but I don't worry about always having meat, I just try to make sure that there is plenty of nutrition in the day overall. Fingers crossed that I'll remember to take a pic.

Bear has been at home all day. His knee is very sore, so he has been fed up but remarkably well behaved. He's been carefully avoiding any of the homework he could theoretically get on with and just generally hanging out. I'm shopping for a replacement silicone stirring spoon. I managed to split mine, but I don't like wooden spoons as I worry that they get stained and split. Did you know, you can get dust covers for your mug? Honest! That's how they are described here. I consider myself an epic failure in housewifery but even I don't need dust covers for my cuppa. It's a great idea if you want to keep a cuppa warm, though. I didn't get one.

I need to keep more shopping online. While shopping for the silicone spoon I may have picked up two silicone butterfly thingies to pick up hot pan lids and plates, but it could be worse. I nipped out to Aldi today (in the car!) and while I only spent £13.67, £11.68 was impulse buying, including £7.98 as they had some small footballs, and I bought a couple knowing how I would get through them over the summer.

School is shut for bear for the next two days, so we are planning calm days. Bear won't be able to do too much. His knee is picking up, but I'm trying to keep it rested. At the moment he is playing a riotous game of Monopoly with DH. I'll see how he goes. Hugs to all.

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