Monday, 10 June 2019

It's Only Monday!

Sharon - I know! Marks and Spencers have trousers that are designed to be let down, with adjustable waists and variable lengths. With 20% off, they are not much dearer than other brands. I don't even want to think about shoes. Bear has to last out until 19th July. Please let him last out that long!

Wherethejourneytakesme - Some of them look like they are wearing footless tights! I'm sure it cuts off circulation in some vital areas! I suppose I looked ridiculous in my own way when I was that age, but I am keeping everything crossed that bear resists this fashion. Fortunately his school insists on trousers that move around when they walk, if you see what I mean. Stay safe with this weather!

I managed to survive a whole day of the week! The weather is getting me down, and there is some pollen in the air that is making bear and I snuffle. Fortunately it is raining with determination so the fluffy seeds that usually end up in our garden looking like a duvet has been sick haven't had much time to build up. Yesterday they got caught up in the wind and rain and it looked like it was snowing.

I picked bear up from climbing today. There is the longer route which involves narrow roads, double parked cars in narrow places and some really nasty sharp turns up steep hills. Then there is the shorter, quicker route that involves the dual carriageway. I am nervous on the dual carriageway anyway, and there was so much rain I decided to avoid the lorries doing 60mph and their spray and take the long way around. I have a driving lesson tomorrow, but I am dreading it. I'm supposed to be going on the motorway and the forecast is severe weather. We are on the edge of a warning for excessive rain, and, as I mentioned, this can mean spray. I may ask to do parking practice instead. Regardless, I got to the climbing place ridiculously early to make sure I had a safe place to park, and I got quite a lot of scarf knitted while the rain rattled on the roof.

I am planning an early night with an extra blanket.

Hugs to all.


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