Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Driven to Distraction

Eloise - I completely agree - and so does bear!

wherethejourneytakesme - the school had a uniform inspection last week - I thought that was awful! Keep an eye out for a purple Citroen with four P plates (two on each end) belting around in the wrong lane with cries of 'Oh Bugger!' ringing out!

Bless - I'm not sure about getting Monday over with and everything being easier. I get ambushed all week lol!

Today was one of those days when you never quite catch up with your own shadow. I staggered downstairs to find bear looking cross. He had just checked his homework. The school set homework which bear can check online, and while it was set last Friday, bear apparently didn't check. This particular homework was due in today and was to print out and bring in his three favourite poems. Bear doesn't have three favourite poems. None of the twelve year olds I know have any favourite poems. Bear remembered Jabberwocky and I contributed I meant to do my work today and From a Railway Carriage and got them printed out for him while he looked for a book, getting more and more frantic until he found it under his bag.

I drove him to school, dropped him off and got stuck in a traffic jam on the way back. I parked neatly outside the house and realised that bear had gone into school and taken my keys. I rang school and they were very kind and let me collect them from reception. On the way back to his school I got stuck behind a farm truck, a bin lorry and when a hearse pulled out in front of me I said some rude words. Fortunately the hearse turned off before I could make the car blush. Then I tried to park in the school car park. I didn't realise how tiny and congested it was. I ended up doing a 42 point turn to try and get my poor car facing the right way and, without meaning to, obstructed bear's deputy head of year and a disabled badge holder as I tried to find somewhere safe to stop - I apologised to the badge holder once I got inside reception and she was lovely and forgiving, but I felt dreadful.

I picked up the keys, went home and had a moment, before going on a driving lesson. I did not feel up to the motorway so I had some practice in awkward urban driving, which didn't go too bad apart from me nearly running a red light. Then I went back to pick up bear and brought him home, uneventfully, although I did see a near miss on one of the roundabouts. I was just so grateful that it wasn't anything to do with me!

Writing stuff - I did a book review of the Prequels of Shadows over Seattle by Timothy Bateson. I know Timothy Bateson. We have swapped posts and Timothy does some awesome work sharing stuff for other authors (including me). If you are interested in books, check out his blog which has loads of reviews, interviews, character insights and news. I should mention - I paid for the books and didn't tell Timothy I was going to write a review just in case I didn't like them, but I thought they were awesome. They are quite short, so you may consider them too short for 99p, but I enjoyed them and I'm looking forward to seeing the full novel.

Tomorrow has to be less frenetic. Hugs to all.


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