Saturday 26 June 2021

Calm Continues

Fifitr - Bear did once forget to tell us about a performance he was in and I found out from a phone call from the drama teacher on the day. That was a few years ago. I have accepted that I can only guess at half of what he gets up to, sometimes by working out from his school notes that are online. He has exams all next week, so I'll let him off a lot. I was never really interested in drama. I turned up when I thought I should, but the thought of people looking at me filled me with horror. I'm only good at being an extrovert with words, from the safety of a screen. 

Tooth continues, though not so bad today. Also, the sink that was mended yesterday is still leaking, though nowhere near as badly.

One of the reasons I blog is that it helps me look for the bright side. I know that I am lucky, even with toothache. It's good to jog my memory and nudge me to appreciate all that is good. Today has been wonderfully quiet. I've done a little knitting, watched bear play a very calm and quiet computer game and generally hung out with the men. DH cooked dinner and it was good.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. You sound like me. I liked the thought of drama - I love stories and words - but the thought of being in front of people fills me with horror too! When I was younger I always wished that I was more of an extrovert. As I get older I feel a little more comfortable with myself though I wish I was a little braver putting things out there!