Friday 4 June 2021

Wonderfully Calm

I got the two chilli plants in proper pots today. That is, at least, something. I still haven't sorted out any spinach, but I shall see what I can manage. DH is using a lot in smoothies, so if I can find the space, I may need to learn about succession planting.

Something horrible is eating the red hot poker plants. I'm going out with soapy water tomorrow, in the hope that it will get rid of any insect pests. I'm also considering the aphids. I know things like hover flies and ladybirds rely on them, but they don't do the plant or my garden any favours.

I took a pic of the bed. The plants have been in for over 24 hours and still aren't dead. I'm hoping that the plants will take off and spread. 

I'm now waiting for bear's climbing kit to finish washing. At some point I will find a pair of jogging bottoms that bear will wear and buy two pairs. Currently he has one pair, which look like they are shrinking due to bear's growth spurt. Until I find them, I'm just going to have to keep washing them and hope that they hold out.

I had something of a moment today. I drove out to pick up bear's blazer from the dry cleaners next to Tesco. I thought I would nip in to Tesco first to pick up some coleslaw first, so I wasn't dragging the blazer around the store. I then got caught up in trying to guess if I had everything for bear at school that I paid for the coleslaw and cherries (I only bought one thing on impulse, so I'm getting better) and drifted back to the car without calling in at the dry cleaners. I was nearly home before I remembered that I should have picked up the blazer. At least I got some driving practice in. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the red hot poker - I came across the leaves of a plant in my border whilst weeding this morning and couldn't identify it or when I might have put it there. I left it alone just in case I remembered what it might be - I didn't... not until I was reading this post. I bought a red hot poker last year or the year before and I think it has the same leaves so I will wait until a flower appears - good job I didn't yank it out as a weed!. x