Sunday 13 June 2021

Phone Vampires

Feeling quite poorly. Haven't done much apart from be extremely happy that England won (and had to watch it sober due to painkillers).

Before I go and watch Austria and North Macedonia, I thought I would share my suspicions. My phone is losing a lot of charge overnight. I mean, I seem to amble into the bedroom with a decent amount left and wake up with the phone almost dead.

There are a lot of good reasons for this. The phone must be around four years old, so the battery is on the way out. I read before I go to sleep and the kindle app takes a lot of charge. I'm not sure about how many times I hit snooze, but that has to take some charge. I also use the phone's torch to go upstairs, so I don't put the main landing light on and disturb bear. There are a heap of reasons why my phone is lacking charge in the morning. They are boring reasons. I think that I prefer to say that phone vampires sneak in during the night and suck the batteries. There is no logic or reason to it, but it's far more interesting than the most likely causes.

I suppose I ought to check and see if there are any places to get the battery replaced. It's not too bad at the moment as I can charge in the car (which probably hasn't helped the battery) and I don't really go many places for long that don't involve the car. The rest of the time I'm sitting next to the phone charge cable.

If I really believed in phone vampires, I suppose I could rub some garlic on the case, but I can't be bothered. I still prefer the more interesting explanation, though

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Loving the idea of phone vampires, made me chuckle 😂

  2. Sorry you're still feeling bad; I had a chunk crack off one of my teeth a few days ago so I sympathise. I managed to get an emergency repair which took a lot of firmness and playing up on my part, and the day after I got it I fell out so I am just avoiding hot and cold food and anything remotely firm until my scheduled dental appointment in a week's time where hopefully they can deal with it properly. I hope you get some resolution soon as it's miserable being in pain. Is it better to be miserable and smell faintly of garlic all the time... the jury's out! Phones do go down remarkably quickly when the battery gets old. I looked into it and the replacement battery for mine wasn't much less than a new phone - if you are happy with an older 'new' model that is. If you want something that plays games, answers the door and organises your laundry it's a different matter. But I've never wanted more than to store a few numbers and make some phone calls... yes, I am a Luddite. Hope you feel better soon.