Friday, 11 December 2015

Another Fail Day

There is a hole near my house.  It's not exactly outside but along a few yards and I walk past it when I go to pick up bear.  Unfortunately a car reversed into the hole, one wheel got stuck in the very deep hole and it has taken most of the afternoon for them to get the car out.  There have been a lot of men standing round nodding seriously and wearing hi-vis vests.

I need to work out how to clean the pump in my dratted washing machine that I don't like anyway.  I suspect it may need pulling out.  It is a very tight fit and so getting the washing machine is a real challenge.  I need to find the manual first.  This is the manual didn't tell me that the dratted machine would darn well shut off and I had to twiddle the knob nicely to get it to work again - I found that out after I'd done everything up to changing the fuse!  All I know that it seems to be coming over all faint and keeps pausing with the 'clean pump' light on so I'll have to tackle it this weekend.

Bear is exhausted.  The school play has been demanding.  He was only singing in the chorus as well.  However there were performances Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Thursday evening when bear didn't get home until 8:30pm.  Bear is often asleep by then, so I was prepared for a sleepyhead this morning.  I didn't count on being woken at 4am as bear had nightmares.  So we both had a broken night.  Bear will be fit for rags tomorrow and not much else.

I am not in a good place at the moment, so I am working on a 'pull myself together' plan.  I hope I will be back soon with a cheerful update

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