Monday, 28 December 2015

I Accidentally Bought...

I accidentally bought four fleece blankets instead of two from Tesco Direct.  This was before I hit the Merlyn, so I have no excuse.  I may see if there is a local place that would like the spares as we are local to  the floods.  It was still only £10 in total.  The charities may prefer money, they may get more for their money. I will spend some time seeing what is possible tomorrow.

I also bought two bottles of the Merlyn, one for Christmas and one a few weeks later to make up the extra delivery order on the 21st to £40.  One has been heroically finished off and the reeds for a diffuser ordered.  The other is calling to me.  I could have a pair of diffusers.  I haven't drunk much alcohol since father went into hospital, and as DH can't drink due to medical reasons it seems unfair to drink in front of him, but I am confident I can dispose of this within a reasonable time.  A bottle of Merlyn is 700ml.  I have measured the volume of the nutella glasses I use and they hold around 175ml.  I suppose I could enjoy half a glass over a few nights.  I may joke, but half a glass is about the right amount for me.  By the end of January I should have a lovely diffuser in two rooms.

I also made a very pleasant microwave frittata for dinner.  When I sort out the timings I will share, as I sort of made it up as I went along.

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