Friday, 4 December 2015

When Will I Learn

A while ago I decided to buy some Christmas cards in January and stock up.  I found a whole slew of them at 99p plus reasonable postage for 100 cards, so I bid on them all, convinced I would maybe get one or two.  That is why I have literally hundreds and hundreds of good quality cards.  The cards will outlast me.

I also make a practice of buying wrapping paper on Boxing Day.  I've picked up some very good quality and elegant wrapping paper, that not only covers Christmas but is generic enough for all occasions, for a song.  The rolls of paper that were 10p a roll, well, I got an armful.  This is why when I cleared the space for the piano this summer I found over fifty rolls of wrapping paper.

I've found some bulk sales of tinsel for auction on eBay.  Please let me be outbid, please.  Otherwise there will be a very festive heap here and I've nowhere to put it.

The weather is very wild here.  I'm glad we're not on the top of the hill, or I would worry for the roof!

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  1. You can put together Holiday Gift Wrap kits to give as gifts this year! Bundle up several rolls of wrapping paper (maybe 5 or more), add a box of cards, several yards of the tinsel (if you are not outbid and receive them); tie it all up with one of ties you have in your tie stash (perhaps there are some with holiday designs?). You can add other trinkets to this, depending on what you might have on hand and you'll have gifts for everyone from Bear's teachers (I'm sure they'll appreciate not having to buy wrapping paper or cards!), to delivery men, to neighbors up and down your street, or even drop them off at the church for the parishioners. :)