Monday, 28 December 2015


I'm not used to strong drink, and while 17% alcohol isn't very strong when it comes to strong drink it is still stronger than the tea or diet coke I am used to.  However I did my duty and sank the rest of the bottle of Merlyn, and felt very good about it.

I also felt good this morning when I checked my eBay account and I hadn't accidentally ordered something more random than normal.  It is always worth checking if you have form like mine.

Other things to feel good about - I managed to wash the absolutely massive throw on my bed that I randomly decided to stuff in the washer.  It only just fit, but it got washed.  The washer is still working as well.

Bear is happy with his kindle fire.  He has been given lots of lovely Amazon gift vouchers so is sitting on £75 of potential purchases.  He was looking at the Minecraft Story thingy - he explained the game but didn't explain his explanation - and he could get to the next level if he registered for free at a particular site or he could pay £3.69 for the full game.  He got DH to register him.  I'm hoping this keeps up.

Now I just need to get him a second email account that he can use for sign ups, offers, prize draws etc.

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  1. I have only had a thimble-ful of sloe gin so far, so I am a way behind you in the alcohol stakes - but I was thinking about you all when I saw the wild weather on the news - so relieved that you are not badly affected. Of course, here we are, feet below sea level, and not a drop of water out of place! Glad you have had a good Christmas, and I am seriously admiring your forward planning! hugs xx