Friday, 18 December 2015

Bear is Grounded

To be honest, it isn't a big punishment.  He desperately needs a quiet day doing little but potter around on the computer or colouring or reading because the term has been a long one.  However he is not used to being grounded.  He was concerned it would affect his computer privileges.

I let him off loss of computer time, but I stood firm.  He was being cheeky and trying out the whole concept of 'teenage bolshy'.  He is definitely challenging my authority and I consider that as I will one day be dealing with a fourteen year old possibly six inches taller than me and a good deal wider, I think I will exert my authority now.

I wish small boys came with a manual.

(he wasn't really that cheeky, he is still a sweetie)

1 comment:

  1. They will push the limits to see how far they can get. Let them know the limits hold firm and they will be OK.