Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Getting Ready for the New

This is a blog post written on father's laptop.  My laptop was getting very limp.  It had hissy fits if I moved it from room to room, frequently dumped me off the internet and some of the letters were no longer responding.  It seemed sensible to just move it over.

It feels odd, though, I won't deny it.  The keys are in a lot better layout, and just in this short time I am finding the typing a lot easier.  All the better to post with!

Did you know that if you log in to Chrome on a new machine then they can import your bookmarks.  In my case they imported a version of my bookmarks that hasn't been seen for several years.  It is going to be fun sorting that out.  I can also sort out the differences and make sure that the Facebook page of Lyssa Medana is all professional and writery and my personal page is full of local stuff and school mums as I have two laptops open and can switch between them.

It's a good thing to happen, and a good time to happen.  It is satisfying to sort out all the junk and rubbish in January and I can do that with all the saved pages.  It will be good to remind myself why I saved some links, and perhaps whether I should go back to them or whether I should junk.

I also need to go over my writing stuff.  I have lost a lot of stuff over the years when I made a transition between machines, so I need to make sure all that needs to come across is safe.  It is a really good time to take stock.

I am really looking forward to January.  I feel like it could be fun.

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  1. I love the promise of renewal that comes with January 1 and the New Year. A chance for a fresh start! How cool is that?