Thursday, 17 December 2015

Presents and Dilemmas

Bear has a girlfriend.  Yes, he is only nearly nine and she is the same age, but they have been going steady for some time, about two years, I think.  They look embarrassed at each other in the playground.  They play together now and again.  Bear thinks that she is wonderful.  From what her mother has said, it is mutual.  Her mother is lovely and also quite baffled.

I've taken the opportunity to ensure that bear treats his girlfriend well.  So he is nice to her or else!  This includes nice gifts, and I force him to pick a nice card.  He has bought an inexpensive bracelet for her for Christmas.  Okay, I bought the bracelet, but under his supervision.  I am doing my best to rear at least one young man who knows how to treat a lady.  I am not sure how well I am doing, but I am working hard at it.  So there is one, small, pretty gift for a very nice girl.

Today the lovely girl brought over the gifts for bear - two large packages for Christmas and two large packages for his birthday.  The bracelet is now looking a bit limp and small in comparison, and I am stumped.  Do I get an extra present tonight when I am going through the hell of last minute shopping on the way to and from maths?  Do I risk inflation of presents by getting an inexpensive bath set to go with it?

Bear will not hesitate to delegate this to me.  Things like presents and cards are something females do, and in a few years time it will be his girlfriend that is left to get me something.  However now is the perfect opportunity to show bear that the nearly nine year old equivalent of last minute flowers from the garage are not up to the job.

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  1. Ah, gift giving dilemmas! So, what did you/Bear do? Get another gift for the little girl? Or go with what you originally bought for her? Curious minds want to know!