Friday, 18 December 2015

Trying to Hold Firm

This is the time of year I traditionally panic and start worrying that bear has nothing for Christmas and his birthday.  As I have been less organised than normal I have no idea what I have stashed.  Darn.  I'm trying to resist planning to buy everything.  Bear doesn't need it.  Besides, his big Christmas gift is a kindle fire.  DH has set it up so we can present some gift vouchers to use on an Amazon Account.  I suspect £10 of apps will go a long way.

I've just had a delivery of unexpected vegetables.  The order I thought was going to come last week just arrived.  Unfortunately I had stocked up on veggies and I have no room.  I have no room in a barely functional freezer to do anything with them either.  I am considering digging a root cellar.

I am going to re-use last year's resolutions.  After all, there is no wear on them as I got nowhere with extremely sensible and suitable resolutions.   On the bright side, I'm excavating the table between two armchairs and I hope to be able to throw it out before DH gets home.

There are always glimmers of hope.  I have only forgotten one important Christmas card and hope that I can hand it out tonight at the last school pick up this year.  Otherwise bear went to school with what I hope is a complement of cards and no trouble.

Finding things tough.

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  1. (((HUGS))) Hang in there! All will be well.