Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas (Just) Past

Bear spent a lot of yesterday with dark shadows around his eyes and a funny colour around his lips.  This was due to the box of face paints he got in his stocking, which he had to try out and which I had a lot of trouble getting off.

There were some amazing wins yesterday.  Bear was thrilled with his haul.  There weren't as many packages as last year, but as father is no longer with us that was to be expected.  Bear was happiest with the books, which made both DH and I feel good.  He has some Calvin and Hobbes, the set of Narnia books and a few other bits and bobs, including a book on maths.  He got an awesome Doctor Who book from his girlfriend, so he is a happy lad.  However I suspect that the kindle fire will get a lot of use.

DH asked for one thing.  I bought it, got it delivered, stashed it and lost it.  He had other things, of course, but I felt very bad.  DH also did all of Christmas dinner, which was awesome.  He was a hero.

Bear, DH and I sat around, relaxed and just had a lovely quiet time.  I would have it exactly the same next year - but except next year I won't lose DH's best present.

Now I am bracing for bear's birthday.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I'm sure you'll find your DH's gift one of these days and then, you can surprise him with it. :)

  2. Wow - a child that is happy with a book on maths for Christmas ? that must be a first S - !!