Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Kitchen is FULL

I can't move in my kitchen.  On one had it is in desperate need of a deep clean, sort out and shift around.  On the other hand, darn, it is full.  I have had an Approved Food delivery, Tesco deliveries and the stockpiling against small boys calling in over Christmas has mounted.

I had an epic FAIL with the Approved Food order.  I thought some cereal was gluten free and it wasn't.  I checked the website of the brand, but I think I got the wrong page.  I could cry.  I was really looking forward to the cereal as well.  Still, the food bank will benefit so that's something.

I have a mound of cheap cake bars, piles of veggies (that need using up!), huge bags of crisps (that if we were reasonable people would last until February but will be lucky to make it to January depending on the presence of small boys), sweeties, treats and fizzy pop.

However there is not much more to come, and the rain has stopped, and bear has had an awesome time with his pal yesterday, so things could be worse.  Tonight I will make Egyptian lentil soup in quantity and start bringing some order.

I have realised that the more I write, the more I get done in the house.  I am aiming for a thousand words today.  That will get enough energy to get several cupboards cleared and a good dust.  I'll share when I think it is worth it.

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