Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hit and Miss

Normal for me to be hit and miss, I know, but it may get worse.  I can't get Chrome to work on my laptop so I have lost all my bookmarks and I am communicating through a very shaky version of Firefox.


I need to transfer large quantities of text to father's old laptop.  He bought it some time ago in an attempt to show willing, and he managed well enough, but he never really got into it.  So while it may be as old or older than my creaky current machine, it has less mileage.  My current one keeps dumping me off the internet and comes over all peculiar if it's unplugged.  It also has issues with the letter J and it's surprising how often I use it.  I know I have actually changed a character's name in something I'm writing because I'll rattle along and then have to back space and pound repeatedly until J appears. 

The whole creaky connection thing does make it a lot harder to chat to my friend eBay, but that's not a bad thing.

I went to see bear's school pantomime.  Bear will not take part for another few years, he is in year four and so in the choir while year six performs.  It was utterly awesome and I was incredibly impressed, not least by what I suspect was the massive effort from the staff. 

Bear is managing enough drama as it is without being in an actual play.  He had a hair cut yesterday, which was significantly overdue.  He has now suggested that I trim his fringe further.  I have two objections.  One is that the fringe is actually not that long and why didn't he say something to the hairdresser when he was there.  The other is that he went to an extremely skilful barber who does an amazing job for a very reasonable price and hacking at the fringe with kitchen scissors will do the cut no justice and him no favours. 

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