Monday, 14 December 2015

Bear has Pulled a Muscle

It happened in Marks & Spencers of all places.

I had reluctantly taken bear in to get shoes as apparently his feet were going to drop off if he didn't get new ones.  I am suspicious that he is angling for football boots, but as he is never anywhere appropriate to wear them, that isn't happening.

We had a list.  We needed a candle to replace the one bear broke, and a present for his auntie, and we needed shoes and some snacks.  We had had an epic fail in Marks & Spencer when we looked for trainers there, so we decided to head out.  We had got to the top of an escalator and I changed my mind about which way to go and told him, 'hang on, let's go this way,' without realising he already had a foot on the step.  He got a bit stretched in the trouser area.

I wish you had seen how bravely the poor lad limped to the shop where we got his auntie some inexpensive earrings.  How strong he was as he fought to keep going as he struggled to the till to pay.  Not to mention how quickly he forgot he was supposed to be suffering when he saw a Doctor Who lego set in a shop window and rushed over to it!  I am still not sure which side of the trousers are affected.

At the moment he is either practicing being a goalkeeper with his father in his bedroom or a herd of mastadon are sweeping majestically across the plain.  I'm not too worried.

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