Thursday, 17 December 2015

I am going to regret it

If I don't write bear's Christmas cards, none will get sent.  It is a family thing - I am desperately bad at writing cards and I am considering donating the vast stash and being open that I will make a donation to a charity each year instead.  I fail at Christmas cards in a big way.

I don't want bear to get sidelined because he hasn't sent cards.  I know that if I don't do them then they won't get sent as I didn't nag him early enough.  We are out tonight straight from school as it is bear's last maths lesson of the year and I also need to pick up some stuff on the way home.

The thing is, I don't want bear to think that writing cards is only for women.  I hope that one day bear will find a loving partner and be happy.  I want to be able to look them in the eye.  I know that bear has Views.  I know I have gone wrong somewhere, but bear is firmly convinced, despite my best efforts, that all the work around celebrations is definitely only possible by females.

Although bear is only nearly nine, and I've done my best, he is turning into a typical Yorkshireman.  He is very careful with his money, can talk utter rubbish with his pals just like the men in the pub, and girls are definitely the ones in charge of sorting out the social side.

Off to dig out the cards.

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