Sunday, 27 December 2015

Well, I've Started

So I've started.  I'm quite surprised I've done anything.  A very brief overview of this blog has lots of 'I will do this...' but very little 'I have done this...'

It's small, but I've made the list up for next year's Christmas Dinner.  I have finally got a central place for both cards and wrapping paper (both quite depleted, actually, but I won't be buying any more for a while) and I have identified a good place to stash emergency presents.  I am bidding on something that will be ideal for bear's girlfriend's coming birthday, but I haven't seen much else.  I have remembered my tumblr password and I am tentatively looking at Un**** Your Habitat again.  Sorry for the asterisks, but I try and keep this family friendly.  It is a site with rude words and is also about housewifery.

I've used the outstanding Tesco vouchers that were about to run out, I've even made a slot for them in the folder so that the ones that haven't been used won't get forgotten.  I've used the same plastic pocket to put the letter in for bear's appointment in February.

Not only have I filed bear's letter safe, I've also put it in the online calendar.  I've added a note for when I plan to let the school know that I will have to pick him up at lunchtime and goodness knows when it will be finished.  The letter warns ominously that I may have to wait some time so be prepared.

I've even had a look at last year's to do page and updated it.  Sadly I have deleted the stuff that was about father, and I've changed the shopping as I now have a £40 minimum spend instead of a £25 minimum.

Feeling cautiously optimistic.

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  1. Sounds like you made a good start. Well done! Now, the trick is to keep it up! But I have faith that you can do it!